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Domestic Kitchen Build

Here at A & I building services we cover everything from Kitchen re-modelling to building extensions though to the building of commercial buildings. Below is a walk though of a kitchen redevelopment that we recently carried out.  The images below take you through the strip out the preparation and the rebuild of this kitchen.

The first part of any job is the safe removal of the old kitchen. Disconnecting the water, gas and electricity from the appliances.

Once stripped out the old kitchen is removed then the clean out of the remaining debris is done. This is often the hardest part of the build for the homeowner as its the part of most disruption. However our specialist teams work quickly to restore use of the areas as soon as possible .

Laying real wood flooring is a specialism for our team. Laying the floor at the start of the refit makes the project flow in the best possible way.

The finished floor makes the room look stunning and flow from room to room.

As the units are fitted there is an extensive check list and snagging list to make sure all runners on the drawers and the cupboard doors all line up.

When the final fit is done the finish is fantastic. Flowing from room to room the wooden floor give a sense of continuity then the fantastic cupboards bring a real edge to the detail.